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Mid-Afternoon High Five: The Culture Project

“A Question of Impeachment”, presented by the New York City theatre group, Culture Project, can be watched on the group’s page on YouTube.  The tagline for the show is They took it off the table so we put it on the stage – Trial by Theater. 

The excerpt below is of Staceyann Chin, an artist who makes me proud to be an artist.  If you haven’t experienced the work of Ms. Chin, I encourage you to do so … her words will make you look at the world in an entirely different way. 


Mid-Afternoon High Five: Pissed on Politics

Take a short meander today to for his take on the war budget fun going on between Congress and BushCo.  Here’s an excerpt:

The talking point today being pushed by the media is Secretary of Defense Robert Gate’s claim that he will have to cut jobs at the Pentagon if he and Bush don’t get their precious war funding. …

No one is asking Gates why they have to cut Pentagon jobs first. Why can’t they cut out some of the contractors first, specifically those that have already committed fraud against the U.S. Government? Why not cut some of the no-bid contracts to Halliburton, Blackwater, and USIS first?

Why is Gates choosing to punish Pentagon employees and our troops first rather than cutting funds to the private military industrial complex?

High Five Pissed … Don’t leave me hangin’ …


11 2007

Mid-Afternoon High Five: The Left Coaster

If you’d like to be a part of the “reality-based community” {and really, who wouldn’t?? … I’m not speaking to you, Dick Cheney}, then head on over to The Left Coaster today. 

Mr. Steve Soto is one of the only people talking about the fact that Obama said he wouldn’t impeach the President or Vice President in the latest round of debates.  Hmm … maybe these candidates should stop debating every five minutes, and I don’t know … like, pay attention. 

So high five to the The Left Coaster … don’t leave me hangin’ ~


06 2007

Mid-Afternoon High Five

At the top of Ice Station’s blog is the following quote:

The 2000’s are insane.  George Orwell’s dystopia has come to life.  While the apocalyptic battle between evil and stupidity rages, I will ride it out here in Antarctica, at my own fortress of solitude.

Nice … hopefully he has bunk beds for all of us before Dick issues martial law. 

Be sure to check out his top story today: Dick Cheney Starts His Own Branch of Government. 

High five … don’t leave me hangin’ … :)


06 2007