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The Softballs of Jeff Gannon

 So it seems I tousled the feathers – but NOT the salad – of Mr. Jeff Gannon with my most recent blog about Hillary Clinton planting questions on the campaign trail. 

Mr. Gannon left me a nugget in the comment section:

Stop your lies. I never asked any questions remotely resembling the example you cite. In fact, in my recently published book, “The Great Media War: A Battlefield Report” I destroy the myth of a softball tosser with actual transcripts that show many of my questions were rather unfriendly to the White House.

Pick up a copy and get educated:


As you know, I love to respond to as many comments as I can:

Dearest Jeff,
If I didn’t watch C-SPAN or the White House Press Briefing, I would believe you. You know those little square things on sticks? Those are cameras, and they record the questions you ask.

Also, I might remind you that this is satire to make a point. And to that end, let me say you look fabulous in a speedo :)

Thanks for stopping by~

Oh, Jeff … I’m sure you asked many hard-hitting, penetrating questions.  You probed the inner depths of White House inconsistencies with vim and vigor.  Come back to us, Jeff.  For the love of G-d … come back. 


11 2007