Mid-Afternoon High Five: Pissed on Politics

Take a short meander today to http://pissedonpolitics.com/ for his take on the war budget fun going on between Congress and BushCo.  Here’s an excerpt:

The talking point today being pushed by the media is Secretary of Defense Robert Gate’s claim that he will have to cut jobs at the Pentagon if he and Bush don’t get their precious war funding. …

No one is asking Gates why they have to cut Pentagon jobs first. Why can’t they cut out some of the contractors first, specifically those that have already committed fraud against the U.S. Government? Why not cut some of the no-bid contracts to Halliburton, Blackwater, and USIS first?

Why is Gates choosing to punish Pentagon employees and our troops first rather than cutting funds to the private military industrial complex?

High Five Pissed … Don’t leave me hangin’ …

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11 2007

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    Indeed cut out the contractors the Haliburtons of this world, who are draining US Treasury dry. Cutting jobs at Pentagon will only come to after about $100 billion has been saved from these cronies of the Administration.

  2. bill l. #

    1 trillion

    9 billion

    oops, I mean 12 billion

    All missing. What was that again about the budget?

  3. bill l. #

    Wait, I forgot Pakistan.

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  5. bill l. #
  6. bill l. #

    Because I’m that kind of guy, here’s to pissyou off

  7. bill l. #

    Whoops, one link didn’t make it (there are actually two links in the previous post, btw).

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    hi Citizen Boo,

    thanks for the mention!

    I’m sorry I forgot to relink you up this weekend…I promise I’ll do it in the a.m.

  9. boo #

    No problem PoliShifter … you’re doing great work on your blog!


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