The Supercats: Battling the Ghost of Reagan!

Deep within the woods of Bohemian Grove, Darth Cheney and his minion of Darkness summon the ghost of Ronald Reagan for all Republican candidates to worship. 

Darth Cheney & His Evil Minions Summon the Ghost of Reagan!

But these evil doers will not go unnoticed by THE SUPERCATS!  In their control room within the Halls of Cuteness, Professor Schmuel Birnbaum, Colonel Moishe Levinson, and Madam Chana “Swooshy” Schwartz spy the resurrection …

Control Room in the Halls of Cuteness

Colonel Moishe:  We must take action, my fellow Supercats!  We cannot continue to allow Republicans to worship at the alter of this man!

Professor Schmuel:  That’s right!  After all, this is a President who called the Voting Rights act “humiliating to the South!”  What kind of person builds a legacy on race-baiting?

Madam Chana:  Republicans do!  And that’s why we must stop them at their next debate!!

Traveling in disguise to the next Republican Debate, the Supercats make their move …

The Debate!

Just as the candidates summon the ghost of Ronald Reagan by forgetting not only the embarrassing incident at Bitburg, but also by turning their backs on black voters, Professor Schmuel jumps to action by raining golden showers on their parade!

Professor Schmuel:  Take that, you back door racists!!!

Then the entire team leaps to his side …

And this is for Neshoba!

Colonel Moishe:  And this is for Neshoba!  Take that!

Professor Schuel:  Exorcize the demon, Madam! 

Madam Chana:  Right on, Professor!

Exorcism of Ronald Reagan

Madam Chana uses her powers of cuteness to <zap!> the ghost of Ronald Reagan away from the current dialogue, paralyzing the Republican Candidates when they try to worship at the alter of Reagan. 

Madam Chana:  Take that, Reagan!  I’m diminishing your ghost into the Constitution! 

Professor Schmuel:  Now every time the Republicans want to revere Reagan, they’ll be forced to refer to the Constitution!  HAHAHAHA!!!!

Colonel Moishe:  Now that’s a document they’re not used to referring to!



This installment of Supercats is dedicated to the memory of Punkin, one of the original Supercats.  She will be missed~

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  1. Nar #

    So that’s what they’re doing at Bohemian Grove… Thank G-d we have the Supercats!

  2. Peggy #

    And the Supercats have been missed. I could tell they’ve been hard at work at their control panel. Cuteness reigns again!

  3. 3

    And happy thanksgiving day to you, too!

  4. 4

    Ronald Reagan? Isn’t he the guy who helped bin Laden found Al Qaeda in the early ’80s? If the Bohemian Club is worshiping him, then that proves they’re really a bunch of America-haters pretending to be patriots.

  5. boo #

    Reagan helped to stir the pot in the Middle East for sure … but he was such a cute, old wrinkly guy that no one on the Right cares.

  6. Jonathan #

    I found your article humorous. Do you think that Pumbie can join the league of Supercats? It would make Dr. Yau very happy.


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