Mid-Afternoon High Five: The Culture Project

“A Question of Impeachment”, presented by the New York City theatre group, Culture Project, can be watched on the group’s page on YouTube.  The tagline for the show is They took it off the table so we put it on the stage – Trial by Theater. 

The excerpt below is of Staceyann Chin, an artist who makes me proud to be an artist.  If you haven’t experienced the work of Ms. Chin, I encourage you to do so … her words will make you look at the world in an entirely different way. 


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    Just the first few sentences were a roller coaster. Amazing. You wont see thiss clip on an “A-List blog.”

  2. boo #

    She is one of the great artists … a true voice. Whenever I read her work, or am fortunate enough to find video on her, I am mezmerized.

    Thank you for linking to the video. I see you’re in a bit of a tiff with the language police. Care to comment? ;)

  3. 3

    A rather stinging confrontation. The first time always hurts the worse, I guess. I thought Staceyann’s words might have woke her up. I thought she had some rather fitting incites on the futility of policing language instead of taking action.

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